We are driven by passion

In Ahimsa we are all driven by the same values. Without them, our company would be meaningless. Ahimsa is like a person in itself: it is alive, it is driven by its own values, by a very clear objective, which gives meaning to the way it evolves each day.


We speak openly and clearly, a fact that is underwritten by our experience and expertise, with millions of satisfied customers throughout the country. We create sustainable, healthy plant products. No small print.


We are backed by 40 years’ experience. We are the best choice for your main courses.


Undoubtedly one of the main pillars of Ahimsa: we are committed to safeguarding your health and that of our planet.


Our purpose is to create innovative products on the permanent basis of our underlying principles. To help you eat easy-to-prepare, healthy and tasty foods that adapt to your way of life. Because your values are also ours.

We believe in a better world, caring for people and animals, a world where nature is respected and human beings can live in harmony with their environment. We also believe that eating a healthy diet leads to and helps to create a healthy lifestyle. “Let your medicine be your food and your food your medicine”.