Our personal history

It was back in 1970 when two young students of Chemical Engineering, Teresa and Juan, met. The passion they shared for the environment, non-violence, yoga and animal care immediately brought them together. Soon they discovered vegetarianism, a philosophy in which they found vital life support, something they were searching for and which perfectly matched the values they both held. In less than a year, they had started a family: they married and had their first daughter, Eva (who, like the rest of their three children – and now grandchildren as well – has been a vegetarian since birth).

Committed as they were to vegetarianism, they decided to embark on the job of promulgating this philosophy by making homemade recipes of vegetarian meatballs and croquettes in the kitchen of their home and selling them practically “door to door”. The success they had led Teresa and Juan to the decision to devote themselves full time to this line of business. They leased a small workshop and thus, in 1978, Ahimsa was born.

Our most current history

Since then, the company has grown exponentially, adapting to the new needs of our society: healthier food, respect for animals, and a commitment to achieving sustainability for the planet.

Our mission is to innovate in flavour, texture, and nutritional quality. We aim to offer you the best possible food: a modern, plant product that matches your way of life and makes your senses tingle.

That’s why Ahimsa has grown in parallel to the demands of the most exquisite palates, like yours: from the original two products we started with, we now offer a range of over 80, including top sellers like our chorizo, black pudding (we are pioneers in Spain in vegetable sausages), or our top of the list: vegetable steak in family-size format.

Ahimsa currently employs 25 people, an expert workforce that crafts our products in the old-fashioned style aided by the best industry has to offer.  We market to a total of XXXX outlets and we continue innovating in order to supply the product that best meets your requirements.