Interview with Silke Müller Export Department Biosurya S.L.

Ecológicos Ahimsa

What countries are you currently exporting to?

To France, Denmark, Portugal, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

What have been the latest markets to join?

We are constantly searching for markets. That is why we attend different fairs, which is an effective way to meet many potential clients in a short time. The last markets we have accessed are Sweden, Holland, Poland, Chile and Brazil.

How do you see the potential of other external markets?

This is a time when you have to define where to direct resources to obtain the best results. Every time the market demands more vegan and / or vegetarian and ecological products “tasty, affordable and easy to prepare”.

Silke Müller departamento

What promotional actions does the commercial department have planned for the next few years for export?

Our main action is now attending national and international fairs such as ANUGA, BIOFACH, ALIMENTARIA and ORGANIC FOOD IBERIA.

Of all your brands, which is the one with the highest demand in Export?

Without a doubt, our Ahimsa brand is the most recognized, it is a pioneering brand, with 42 years of presence in the national and international market.

Many thanks to Silke for explaining the details of her department’s work at our company.