Interview with our Commercial Director, Francisco Ganuza.

Ecológicos Ahimsa

For those who do not know you, what does Biosurya do?

Our daily activity consists of the development, manufacture and distribution of organic vegan proteins with our different brands: Ahimsa, Sabbio and Delatierra, which we sell in different presentations such as hamburgers, sausages, ready meals, cold cuts, slices and tofus, all of them vegan. We also develop projects for companies that request our experience and know-how.

Biosurya is a pioneering company in the sector, its activity began in 1978.

Referents within the sector, what has been the key?

I would say that the keys have been our experience and specialization in the manufacture and development of each and every one of our products. The permanent challenge of innovating, endowed with the means, both in qualified personnel and technical means, that allow tackling interesting and novel challenges.

Internal improvement processes to be able to offer a service more adapted to customer needs are permanent at Biosurya. We are clear that in order to offer quality to the client, we must start by implementing it within.

Francisco Ganuza, Director Comercial de Biosurya

What goals does Biosurya have for the future?

The horizon and goals are to be a national and international benchmark in the manufacture of organic vegan proteins, adapt to the needs of the market and be an innovative company. In the end we always want the same thing. What changes with the times is the way to achieve those goals. A leading company ten years ago is not the same as a leading company now. Our strategic objectives go through quality, as we have mentioned before, but also through sustainability, and permanent innovation.

As we have seen, your image in the Ahimsa brand is being renewed, what do you want to convey with this change?

We present a new corporate image oriented towards innovation. We renew our identity to implement a strategy based on the expansion and guarantee of our Ahimsa range.

We wanted to adapt it to our new business development strategy with a global change of image, more modern, fresh and current with which we want our products to become a healthy benchmark for consumers.

Many thanks to Francisco for letting us know a little better about Biosurya.