Do you know spirulina?

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Spirulina seaweed is recommended to be a daily food supplement to any type of diet, but it is especially useful in case of weight loss diets, because of its richness in nutrients and to all athletes, to prevent and avoid physical wear.

Olympic athletes from China and Cuba have been consuming spirulina to improve their sports performance. In the largest sports training center in China, coaches have reported that it improves recovery and stimulates the immune system.

Spirulina has also been chosen by NASA to enrich the diet of astronauts in space missions.


What is spirulina?

It is a form of algae that grows naturally in tropical and subtropical lakes and is known as a complete food source with potent nutritional properties. As a supplement, spirulina can improve nutritional balance, energy, weight control and also has great properties to eliminate toxins.

Spirulina (Spirulina maxim, Spirulina platensis) is an algae with a high percentage of protein (65 to 70%), all essential and nine non-essential amino acids; minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron and phosphorus; all B vitamins, vitamin E, complex sugars, carotenoids, enzymes and essential fatty acids.

Spirulina is especially effective in cases of anemia, demineralization and exhaustion. It helps to recover physical form, energy and vitality and to detoxify the body.

Recommended in:

  • Weight reduction diets as protein intake.
  • Maintain the form and provide vitality .
  • Diet vegetarian as a contribution of Vitamin B12
  • In priests detoxifiers or purifying .
  • In Ecológicos Ahimsa we have in our catalog a variety of Veggie Patty made with quinoa and spirulina, available in 160 gram format and in Maxi format of 600 grams .