Burger tower recipe with apple sauce

Ecológicos Ahimsa

This time we propose a recipe to use our popular and well-known vegetable burgers, we have a large assortment, we have decided on mushrooms and peppers but you could use others according to your taste.

Our idea is to create a tower of hamburgers combining them with grilled vegetables and a delicious sauce made from apples. Sounds good, right? For its preparation we will need:

  • 3 Golden apples in pieces without skin or heart.
  • 3 Fuji apples in pieces without skin or heart.
  • 2 strips of lemon peel.
  • 2 tablespoons of vegan butter or olive oil or traditional butter.
  • 3 tablespoons of honey or rice molasses.
  • ½ Tablespoon of cinnamon powder.
  • 1 Zucchini sliced ​​on the grill.
  • 1 Tomato sliced ​​on the grill.
  • 4 Ecológicos Ahimsa Bio Burguer (to create 2 towers).
  • We go with the preparation, the first thing we must place all the ingredients (except the hamburgers, the zucchini and tomato) in a pot.

    Receta torres de hamburguesas.

    Cover the container and cook at low intensity for about 30 min. or until the apple is soft. Let it cold down. We remove the lemon skins and crush the mixture until obtaining the desired consistency.

    Receta torre de hamburguesas.

    We grill the hamburgers as well as the zucchini and sliced ​​tomatoes.

    Receta torre de hamburguesas.

    We assemble in an interleaved way forming a tower: a hamburger, a little hot sauce, the zucchini, more sauce and the tomato on top. We decorate with fresh aromatic herbs to taste, we have opted for rosemary.

    Receta torre de hamburguesas.

    The result is simply fantastic, the prepared sauce gives a delicious flavor to the burgers and the tomato and zucchini accompaniment is perfect. Discover our vegetable burgers to make recipes like this, choose the flavor that you like the most!